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MScontroller Based pH Meters MS PH 644

MScontroller Based pH Meters MS PH 644

MS PH 644

MScontroller Based MS pH 644

DIC pH Meters 644 is a highly precision instrument using latest art of microprocessor technology. If displays three functional readings 16X 2 LC display screen i.e. temperature. PH & mV on selection. It has facility for Auto Temp. Buffer/ Electrode Slope errors are indicated on screen. Optional printer interfacing is available for pH &temperature. The instrument is housed in a very compact ABS Plastic Cabinet with attractive finish & lightweight for handling. pH & Temperature sensor if open Or contact problem is displayed as "Open.

Standard Accessories

Stand with Clamp, Dust Cover and Operation manual & (Optional) Combination pH Electrode (gel filled unbreakable type), Temperature probe.

Compensation as well as manually using keys. In mVs mode the instrument can be used for redox potential measurement.

Selecting the 7.00; 4.00; & 9.2 pH Value
Make automatic standardization using buffer and keys.

  pH Mode mV Mode
Range 0.00- 14.00pH 0 - ±1999mV
Resolution 0.01 pH ±1mV
Accuracy 0.01pH ±1digit 1mV ± 1 Digit
Input Impedance 10 Ohm  
Buffer Calibration 7.0pH; 4.0pH & 9.20pH  
Temperature Range 0 to 150°C with Continues Digital Display  
Temp. Resolution 0.1°C  
Temp. Compensation Automatic & Manual  
Display 16Charactor X 2 lines Liquid Crystal Display  
Polarity & Decimal Automatic  
Power Supply 220VAC; ±10% 50Hzs  
Dimensions 180mm X 130mm  
Weight 750grm. In High Impact ABS Cabinet  
Accessories Stand; Rod; Clamp; Buffer  

MSSet Instrumentation & Controls reserves the right to make changes to this data sheet or the product without notice, as part of our policy of continued developments and improvements.

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